Strategic Plans & Urban Design

Main street strategies

Strategic plans and good urban design can guide future development for individual sites, settlements, or whole local government areas.  This can improve economic, social and environmental outcomes, especially when engagement with the community and key stakeholders drives the process.

Concept plans and designs can improve understanding of desired development outcomes, resolve conflicting demands, convince key decision-makers of its merits, and provide marketing and support for grant funding applications.

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We can graphically illustrate your desired development and landscape/environmental outcomes including land use arrangements, access and connections, subdivision layouts, staging, or detailed master plans with supporting photos, examples and cross-sections.
We are experienced in analysing complex demographic, economic and environmental opportunities and constraints to inform strategies to guide future development – for a single site or an entire region. These strategies reflect the vision of your community, council and state agencies.
We have prepared (standard instrument) local environmental plans and development control plans for urban and regional council areas and specific development sites to guide future development based on sound urban design, development economics, and local government experience.
Our urban design, heritage and landscape skills enable us to work with Council and the community to prepare concept designs for cost-effective and achievable improvements to activate and enhance key public urban areas. This includes main street strategies, street tree master plans, street furniture reviews, and pedestrian & bicycle connection plans.
We can engage with the community and key stakeholders to prepare concept plans for the future use and development of key Crown, council, community and environmental assets. This includes recreation strategies, building asset management, and landscape strategies.
We seek to integrate land use planning with regional economics to better understand the key drivers that influence changing development and tourism outcomes. This includes clear identification of strengths and weaknesses and achievable strategies to allow communities to implement local solutions.

We can put together a team to provide an integrated response to a range of community enhancement projects.

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