Orange Residential Subdivision & Planning Proposal

Project Description

This project is a key gateway site to Orange on the Mitchell Highway/Northern Distributor and a major residential subdivision for the growth of the City.  We initially prepared a Planning Proposal  in 2017 to reduce the minimum lot size for subdivision.  The Local Environmental Plan was subsequently amended.  We then prepared a Subdivision Concept and Development Application (along with Heath Consulting Engineers) lodged in May 2018.  This included 103 lots consisting of 96 small to medium residential lots, a future development lot, and six (6) open space/buffer lots including new public roads, landscape & services.  The design/submission addressed complex issues including flood potential, riparian corridor setbacks, road hiearchies, visual impact at the key city gateway, road noise, and odour from a sewage pumping station.  This was very quickly approved by Orange City Council in September 2018.  We subsequently lodged a Modification Application in late 2018 and received approval in early 2019 to amend staging, stormwater, and access arrangements to ensure the subdivision could be more easily developed.  This added significant value to the land and the project.