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Development applications and specialist site studies

Navigating the planning and approvals process can be a time consuming, expensive and complex.  It pays to get good planning and feasibility advice early in any project to select the right site, choose the right consultants, manage risk and compliance, achieve an outstanding design, and speed up the approvals process.

We work for both local government and private developers so we understand both sides of the development process, key stakeholder requirements, and can clearly communicate your project goals and benefits to key decision-makers and the community.

We have experience with delivering a range of development types including Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Mixed-Use, and Subdivision development applications.

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It saves time and money to test your desired development outcomes against the planning controls and site constraints before committing to a detailed design.  We identify appropriate sites and  address complex issues to improve project sustainability, add value and minimise risk.
Based on a preliminary planning assessment, we can prepare a concept or subdivision plan with indicative yields (number of lots/dwellings) and building envelopes and seek engineering cost estimates to determine the feasibility of your project early in the development process.
Through our partner architecture firm PSEC Projects (or the architect of your choice) we can bring your designs to life with sketch layouts, massing studies, or detailed 3-dimensional building models and site plans.  Our team is experienced in residential, commercial and mixed-used design for complex sites and providing advice on how to improve amenity and sustainability.
Most complex developments will require a Planning Report (Statement of Environmental Effects) and supporting studies for lodgement with Council.  We can help you navigate the planning and design process, manage other consultants, present your proposal to Council, and collate and lodge all of the required documents to speed up the approvals process.
Our staff have a range of qualifications to provide specialist studies to support your development (click here for Consultation & Specialist Studies).  Alternatively, we will use our industry contacts to identify and manage the right team to deliver your project.
When a development proposal is not permissible under existing planning controls there are a range of complex state and local government processes to seek to vary those controls.  We are skilled at justifying planning variations and presenting the benefits of your application to government (click here for Consultation & Specialist Studies).
We provide support to Councils with limited development assessment resources.  Our staff have experience in state and local government and can negotiate appropriate development outcomes and prepare council reports and conditions of consent to tight deadlines and budgets.

We have a close association with PSEC PROJECTS (Sydney) for architectural design & drafting or can put together a team of regional specialists to address any project needs.

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