Consultation & Specialist Studies


iPLAN PROJECTS has a number of specialist skills to support complex and large-scale projects.  We are experienced in community / stakeholder consultation and engagement to facilitate strategic solutions.  We also prepare specialist studies to promote improved social, economic and environmental outcomes and demonstrate the benefits of your development proposals.

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For any major project it is advisable to have a clear and transparent consultation strategy that identifies all key stakeholders and the best way to engage with each group. From media engagement, to presentations, fact sheets, website design, social media, and surveys we can provide the level of consultation that will achieve your project goals.
If your development is unique and does not conform to strict planning controls you may need to convince a range of decision-makers to support your proposal. We can identify opportunities, prepare submissions, and present your case to council staff, councillors, key government agencies, politicians, and key community groups.
GIS mapping systems (e.g. MapInfo) are an excellent tool to represent conceptual or detailed designs to key stakeholders. We can work with Council’s existing systems or prepare accurate mapping and analysis to support of a variety of planning applications.
Our qualifications in ecology and environmental management enable us to prepare preliminary investigations and interpret specialist flora/fauna, bushfire, geo-technical, hydraulic, and other studies to ensure your project addresses and responds to environmental constraints and opportunities.
Our heritage specialist can provide historic and heritage studies, heritage impact assessment, and management plans to explore adaptive re-use and infill development opportunities and ensure your development responds to heritage and streetscape criteria.
We can demonstrate how a development will minimise, manage and recycle waste produced through the demolition, construction and operation phases and inform design of waste systems and collection areas.
We can analyse demographic data and assess the social impact of development to highlight the key community benefits, address perceived issues, and improve the long-term viability of your project.

If we don’t have the specialist skills we will find the right consultant to form part of the team.

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